5 Different Types of Patio Covers to Know

In the recent times, concrete patio has started gaining popularity over wooden decks for backyard designs. Concrete serves as a smooth and clean material, and can be formed into different kinds of geometric or curvilinear shapes. The other advantages of concrete patio include high durability, low cost, diverse designs, etc. Given below are some examples of stunning concrete-made outdoor patios:


Along with the square and rectangular shapes, the triangular form of patio can also work well with the structure’s design. It gives an excellent look by repeating the roof’s angle and making good usage of the limited space. Triangular patios also come in different textures.


The homes equipped with swimming pool, it will be a good choice to have a patio that matches its shape. The curves provide an attractive transition from the Yard Drainage to the water. An added feature of this type of patio is the planter. It not only serves as a safety barrier, but also adds a stylish element. This patio is usually built with separate slabs,& concrete slab repair oklahoma city. which allows the builder to give beautiful contours and use the limited space efficiently. A curvilinear patio is a well-thought, smart design for homes with space constraint.


For a hillside home, a small terrace-style patio can be an excellent choice. Despite having a small outdoor area, the available space can be used efficiently. The concrete can be textured in simple and clean designs. Hillside patios can go with the aesthetic of modern homes. The feature of low built-in benches can look after the seating instead of extra furniture. With less or no furniture, the space can get a great view.


For houses that have children, building flat concrete yard instead of a lawn can provide more versatility. Such patio designs can be added with a small basketball court and other types of outdoor equipment. Allowing the children to have their say in the designing of such patios can sometimes prove better. They always love to play in open spaces and ride on their toys, or even draw figures with chalk. While making the patio smooth for the children, it is also essential to ensure that there is required amount of texture for preventing slipping in wet conditions.


The Japanese patios are also one of the better options for small spaces. Having a vertical design, such patios are raised on a platform and surrounded by steps. This provides extra space for seating arrangement or potted plants. Sometimes, the Japanese-style concrete patios are provided with manicured bamboo in planter and a wooden fence. This provides the patio the look of a vertical garden. With its smooth platform, the patio can accommodate a few chairs and a table or some cushions for relaxation and meditation.

In addition to the above-mentioned patios, a number of other exciting designs are being used all over the world. Some of the widely used designs include Modern Dining Patio, Steel and Concrete Patio, Desert-themed Patio, Mixed Surfaces Patio, Roofing repair, Garden Patio, Pavers-Pea Gravel Patio. Some people prefer to build their patio by applying the curing process. Several techniques are used to add patterns or textures for such designs. With more exciting styles coming up everyday, concrete patios are all set to the replace the wooden decks completely in the future. They have already become the first choices of many house-owners across the globe.