Everything You Need to Know about B Corp Certification

Governance evaluates an organization’s overall mission, overall engagement, and its impact on the society/environment & also its ethical and transparency level. Certified B Corps are leaders in the global market for an equitable, inclusive & regenerative economy. Just like individuals, a B Corp company has the power to cast vote for a just, brighter & more prosperous future. Such agencies can use their resources such as their business, voice, and investments to bring about some possible changes that can make a huge difference in society. It can be done by supporting the workers with fair pay, being environmentally conscious, or supporting a purpose-driven community.

The working of a B Corp certified business is somewhat different from regular businesses. A B corp certified company needs a B corp advertising agency to face different challenges. Before going into what a B corp marketing agency does lets, see what B Corp certification actually is.

What is B Corp Certification?

In simpler terms, B Corp certification is a designation for a business when it meets the high standards of verified accountability, performance, & transparency on factors based on employee charitably and benefits.  To achieve a B Corp certification a company needs to:

  • Demonstrate high environmental and social performance by getting an 80 or higher B Impact Assessment score. There are also some baseline requirements that multinational companies need to meet as well.
  • Exhibit thorough transparency by giving information about their performance.

B corp-certified companies solely focused on environmental and social issues. To achieve such certification companies need to build the trust of their customers, suppliers, and communities & attract their employees. Such a designation can only be achieved through the continuous efforts and help of an engaging team & departments. Though it is not easy to achieve designation, by becoming such a company one can make a big difference in society.

What is the need for a B Corp marketing agency?

A standard business requires to imprint its brand name upon its clients or customers, explain what it offers and build brand awareness. This is how conversion rates are increased. But the marketing process for a B Corp business company is somewhat different. Such companies need to cast a wider net. The ultimate idea is to make their business practices clear to the world so that potential customers can be attracted. As per some recent study, it has been seen that 1/3 rd of customers would get attracted to such businesses or pay a few bucks more for the product or service if the company demonstrates that it is actually making some positive impact on the society & the environment.  Hiring a certified B Corp Marketing agency can achieve long-term goals and have wider coverage. Here are some of the most prominent benefits:

  • Serves as a constant guide for complicated marketing processes.
  • Through the ethical marketing policy, companies get to identify current ethical gaps if there are any.
  • Uncover certain areas of confusion/ internal disagreement.

In a nutshell, with the help of a B Corp Marketing agency, companies can stay ahead of the curve.

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